DLF The Arbour

DLF The Arbour Sector 63 Gurgaon offers a variety of apartments that are designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Some of the key features of the apartments include Spacious and Well-Designed Interiors • Large Balconies • Modular Kitchen with Hob and Chimney • Air-Conditioned Apartments • Wooden Flooring in Bedrooms • Imported Marble Flooring in Living Room and Dining Room • Premium Sanitary Fittings and Fixtures

Project Highlights

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DLF The Arbour in sector 63 Offers You Beautiful Homes With Many Amenities

The DLF The Arbour sector 63 Gurgaon The apartments are designed to offer a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle to residents, with features that cater to their needs and preferences. The spacious interiors are designed to provide ample natural light and ventilation, while the large balconies offer a great view of the surrounding landscape.

Key Dates:

  • Pre-launch Date: Yet to be Announced.
  • Completion Date: On Request.
  • Possession Date: Immediately after Completion


Gurgaon, now known as Gurugram, is a rapidly developing city in the state of Haryana, India. Located about 30 km south of the national capital, Delhi, Gurgaon has emerged as a major financial and industrial hub in the country, attracting businesses and professionals from all over the world. Gurgaon is home to a large number of multinational corporations, including Google, Microsoft, IBM, and many more. The city has a well-developed infrastructure and is well-connected to other parts of the country, making it an ideal location for businesses and individuals to set up their operations.

The real estate giant DLF Group has industrialized sophisticated and modern residential units.

The way of life is improved and living is made easier by this. The DLF The Arbour 63 Gurgaon is spread out over a larger piece of land. You can buy a house with lots of services and amenities. With sufficient parking and garden space, the DLF The Arbour apartments can accommodate 4 BHK units.

Landscaped gardens at the DLF The Arbour sector 63 Gurgaon Project are well-designed and shaped. This is the first luxury development with amenities that rival those found in residential complexes. In the residential development, DLF The Arbour, there are upscale facilities.

The extensive clubhouse, which houses numerous indoor activities, and the long jogging track. A swimming pool, state-of-the-art gym, billiards room, and many other exciting amenities are planned for the DLF The Arbour Apartments sector 63 Gurgaon.

At You can use the fitness center, play areas for children, and pool at DLF The Arbour Project sector 63 in Gurgaon. This estate also provides direct access to the food court and cafeteria. The gated community has open space, intercom facilities, and landscaped gardens. This suggests that these features may improve the quality of life for residents. Residents of DLF sector 63 in Gurgaon can make use of the abundance of open space. There is a built-in intercom system in each apartment. Additionally, you should investigate power backup and continuous water supply.

Because of its rapid expansion across all industries, including IT, other industries, education, and real estate, Gurgaon has been the first choice for investments. DLF Sector 63 is a brand-new DLF Group launch township.

In addition, the projects in Gurgaon offer a cozy and opulent way of life that is sustainable.

Model House:

The project has made it possible for residents to connect to Wi-Fi. All of DLF Properties' projects can be handled by your property staff. Reserve a unit in this project if you are interested in purchasing a new home in sector 63. You will adore the serene setting at one of Gurgaon's newest residential developments.

Maintenance Charges:

Once the people start using the property, these fees would be appropriate. Since these fees are paid on a monthly basis, DLF Group has taken every first step to provide a property with excellent amenities and low upkeep.

These fees are based on how big the apartment we buy is. The cost of maintenance goes up with the size. so we could select the right size for our property.

Why are upcoming projects more beneficial to investors and homebuyers??

The upcoming and new projects will follow the market trends. These projects, like the ready-to-move-in properties, would benefit from the incorporation of any new features or technological advancements. Also, we could select the best units from the new batch, and early customization is possible.

Advantages of upcoming or pre-launch projects

The DLF The Arbour, Gurgaon is the best upcoming project in the city.

1. Early bird discounts : In the early stages, any approaching property ought to have some attractive welfares for its reach. As a result, a significant discount would be offered during the property's prelaunch phase. For both the developer and the buyer/investor, this is a huge deal..

2. Transparency : These are significant aspects of the real estate business. The necessary information about the property is provided by this clarity, such

  • The kind of approval
  • Percentage of open space
  • Total area for the clubhouse

These days, pamphlets are used by developers to make all of this useful information available.

3. Better Deal: In the long run, we all look for right-hand properties. In our procurement process, if we discover the nation's best developer launching profitable projects. Purchasing a product from a reputable developer is a smart move. For its well-approved risk-free, cozy, and comfortable skill project, this would be the best deal ever.

4. Updated technology : For the convenience of the residents, the projects contain a significant amount of technological complexity.

5. Government assistance : The pandemic has necessitated a reduction in the stamp duty in Maharashtra from 5% to 3% in an effort to lessen the burden on buyers.

About the DLF Properties

DLF, one of the largest real estate developers in India, is known for its premium properties across various cities in the country. The company has been involved in developing high-end residential, commercial, and retail properties for more than 7 decades. DLF has contributed significantly to the growth and development of India's real estate sector and is widely recognized as a pioneer in the industry.

The giant developer has been working in many different portfolios like

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Educational
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial
Merits of spending in DLF Upcoming Residentail development
  • residential apartment/ Houses: Many of us adore independent or villa-style homes to the core. It would be fun to live in a bungalow with a garden, open space, and foliage all around..
  • Privacy and Security: We intend these to be the primary topographies for any customer. We all deserve to have these fundamental and protruding topographies as a default. The security measures at the DLF The Arbour are stringent. We have the privacy we need because there is a lot of space between each.
  • Better Returns: DLF Group understands market trends well. As a result, they chose East sector 63. is important in the real estate market because of its IT hub, malls, hospitals, and other fun places. Additionally, the anticipated developments in this neighborhood will result in higher returns.

The developers have promised to meet all modern design requirements, including comfort, luxury, and safety first and foremost. They have a way to check the air quality in the area without being visible. It calculates the air balance and pollution. Patients with asthma will be notified when it calculates PM2.5, a dangerous particulate matter level.

DLF Properties sector 63 supports you with the most recent technology to improve your standard of living in today's bustling metropolitan areas.

DLF The Arbour Residence embodies elegance, gallantry, and subtlety in an effort to provide its devoted occupants with an unparalleled living experience. These residential properties have been built on a lot of land with just the right amount of construction area.

DLF sector 63

Due to pre-launch growth, the price of DLF The Arbour homes has not yet been revealed. Despite this, it offers excellent price benefits because it is still in the new-launch phase, so there will undoubtedly be additional price cuts. The

The DLF Project in Sector 63 Grugaon is designed with pure elegance and features the highest possible specifications and amenities to provide residents with the most luxurious stay possible. In addition, investors can take advantage of the DLF The Arbour location because sector 63 has transformed into a significant business and residential hub.


In many sectors, Gurgaon is the most popular city. There are numerous reasons why people remain here. As a result, the city is expanding at an exponential rate in all areas. The garden city has a lot of governments and businesses that want to set up shop there.

Gurgaon is a city that has reached beyond its fancy boundaries and has long extended its horizons remarkably well. The city's expansion has been greatly influenced by the city's favorable climate and growing IT industry, which has attracted numerous migrants from all over the world.

The city therefore needs to grow in order to accommodate the new, shifting population. This is to satisfy their obligation to serve any kind of customer. Some people might be willing to buy apartments, others might be interested in expensive villas, and still others might want residential development. As a result, the city's developers and builders are contributing to all possible schemes.

The developers also start their projects in the suburbs of Gurgaon, which are as lively as new Gurgaon these days. As a result, a lot of people want to buy or rent homes. Investors and homebuyers alike stand to benefit from this in these areas.

These locales are finely sensible, contemporary ventures that give relaxation and sporting conveniences and conveniences to the inhabitants.

Gurgaon, The Next Real Estate Hub

Gurgaon has also witnessed significant growth in the real estate sector, with numerous high-end residential and commercial projects being developed in the city. The city has a cosmopolitan population, with people from all parts of the country and the world living and working in the city.

The best residential apartments and complexes can be found in sector 63, which is growing well. The area has modern facilities and infrastructure that looks good. The general public has access to recreational and rejuvenating facilities. There are a variety of prices for these properties.

If you're looking for a rural setting and enjoy living in nature, sector 63 Gurgaon is the best place to go.

In addition to its business and economic growth, Gurgaon has also emerged as a center for entertainment and leisure activities. The city has a vibrant nightlife scene and is home to several malls, restaurants, and cafes. Gurgaon also has several parks and open spaces where people can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

New Address in Gurgaon

In the city, residential development is picking up again. for its excellent value, serene, contented layout, and modern facilities.

People want their lifetime property to be of their choice, customization and great amenities.

Sector 63 Gurgaon is one of the significant region of the east conurbation which has arisen as a promising venture center point with prime speculations laid out by different means. Alongside the modest venture more than adequate number of tasks are arranged friendliness industry and the diversion area, making the spot an optimal center for social living.

A great public space is provided by the numerous reputable educational institutions, medical facilities, and entertainment venues in the vicinity. The following are some of the most notable ones:

Educational Hubs:

  • University
  • Little More Preschool
  • Goenka World School
  • The Shri Ram School
  • Heritage Xperiential Learning School
  • Lancers International School
  • Amity Global Business School
  • TM University
  • engineering and technical institutions
  • National Brain Research Centre
  • The Northcap University
  • Institute of Technology and Management.

Health Care units:

  • cardiology
  • SaiHospital
  • kailash Hospital

Recreational Zones:

  • Win Cyber Cafe And Gaming Zone
  • Gaming ZONE
  • VR Future (Star Mall)
  • Decent Game Zone
  • Gamera Hideout
  • No Escape
  • Clue Hunts


A yoga garden, reflexology parks, billiards, a clubhouse, a gym, an outdoor and indoor gaming zone, a senior native's court, swimming pools, a poolside grill party grass, a yoga studio, and an amphitheatre are just a few of the top amenities at DLF The Arbour Amenities. Due to its simple and convenient connection to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other locations, the Project is rapidly becoming the ideal location for home investors in east Gurgaon.

A yoga garden, reflexology parks, billiards, a clubhouse, a gym, an outdoor and indoor gaming zone, a senior native's court, swimming pools, a poolside grill party grass, a yoga studio, and an amphitheatre are just a few of the top amenities at DLF The Arbour Amenities. Due to its simple and convenient connection to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other locations, the Project is rapidly becoming the ideal location for home investors in east Gurgaon.

The project in Sector 63, Gurgaon, has a system of water treatment units that is well-organized, well-planned parking, an internal waste management system, continuous power and water supply, and a rainwater harvesting system that is good for the environment.


Locality Whereabouts:

The gated community projects of the dream city are well-known. Also, if it's a residential neighborhood. The best, most secure, and most convenient way to live is in the outpouring.

The DLF The Arbour sector 63 in Gurgaon is one such exciting project in east Gurgaon.

Sector 63 Gurgaon in the eastern part of Gurgaon is a funny area. The area's beauty is enhanced by these exciting features.

It's a good place to live because it's close to the airport and has a beautiful or scenic atmosphere. Another advantage of this region is its abundance of large land areas. For the aforementioned reasons, numerous residential and commercial projects are ongoing in this suburb.

Airports, shopping malls, educational institutions, medical facilities, and entertainment districts are all connected to the suburb.

Due to its close proximity to the airport, a lot of businesses and industries are looking for commercial space in this area.

Sector 63 in Gurgaon has a lot of businesses and industries nearby, so there is a lot of demand for homes to rent or buy.

The best social infrastructure is available to residents of DLF The Arbour. The following is a list of some of the most notable ones.

Educational Institutions:

  • Global School
  • Little More Preschool
  • K.R. Mangalam University.
  • Shishuvan School

Health Care units:

  • medanta hospital
  • Max hospital
  • hospital
Advantages of sector 63 Gurgaon

What are the reasons for the growth and demand of sector 63 Grugaon?

  • Numerous businesses and industries make it possible to find work in the area.
  • Because of its atmosphere, life in sector 63 in Gurgaon is pleasant and peaceful.
  • Connectivity of this region is good with 6 lane roads, proposed peripheral ring roads
  • The infrastructure of sector 63 Gurgaon is pretty good with supermarkets, schools, colleges, major banks and other essentials.
  • The developments in this region and proposed developments are astonishing. Which would add more value to the property
  • These affordable ventures are significant factors to bring in people outside the area to invest in
Advantages of DLF The Arbour sector 63

This futuristic development is

  • Simply affordable
  • Opulent amenities
  • Great in infrastructure
  • Great resale value
  • Prefered apartments sizes like

sector 63

The garden city of Gurgaon is a huge city with many thousands of suburbs. The city's main growth factor is its rapid expansion. The IT industry has experienced the most rapid expansion in the city. This gradually increases the city's surge by numerous industries and sectors. The city's boundaries have been stretched to new heights as a result.

A small area near Gurgaon is sector 63. The city's international airport can be found in sector 63. The Hebbal flyover is 15 minutes away from sector 63. In the city, this location is pleasant.

Everyone wants to live a peaceful life. When it comes to our own property, we therefore have numerous options. We want the highest-quality property possible, with well-lit units and safe air. We also want to be close to services and easy to get around. The city of Gurgaon has numerous developments, excellent infrastructure, and excellent connectivity. Many of the city's industries and businesses are thriving as a result of this. Sector 63 has a good infrastructure, including numerous excellent schools, educational institutions, banks, convenience stores, and other necessities. Therefore, they ought to be easily accessible. are the best at these in sector 63. Sector 63 has excellent connectivity, with numerous connecting roads to major parts of the city like

  • Sohna
  • Pataudi
  • Tehsils

M3M Sector 94 Noida is M3M India's most recent housing development. Modern residences at M3M 94 Noida feature elegant conveniences.

The sewage water that would be treated at the sewage treatment plants on the DLF The Arbour Property would be suitable for landscape irrigation and flushing. The project uses a system for managing organic waste. These are used to properly collect and process solid waste without causing harm to the environment.

With a huge clubhouse, outdoor courts, well-equipped gyms, swimming pool, jogging track, billiards room, and party area, the amenities are overwhelming.

The apartments are strategically developed with many ideal sizes like


DLF The Arbour is a leading property in many ways

  • The returns are positive because these are apartments.
  • could be made into useful shapes.
  • In the same way that apartments are built, pleasing properties with a lot of amenities like outdoor courts, a jogging track, and a huge clubhouse are built.
  • The architecture of DLF The Arbour is absolutely stunning, and it features facilities of the future.
  • The property is cozy, dependable, serene, and fun-filled, but it needs less upkeep..
  • The neighborhood has a pleasant residential feel and is lively. And because it is close to the Gurgaon International Airport, it has a lot of potential.
  • Ideal sized apartments best suitable for your dream abode

On-time Completion Record

When buying a house or investing, this is one of the most important considerations. This is not a simple job. A lot of money has been invested by investors and homebuyers.

Any property's completion certificate contains the following information:

  • Location
  • Height of the building
  • Identification of the land

What distinguishes DLF The Arbour from other residential communities?

  • The property's richness. The residents' spirits would rise as a result. Similar to other Prestige properties, the DLF Group has generously manipulated the amenities. With gorgeous gardens all around, this creates a pleasant atmosphere for us.
  • The developer's authenticity, quality, and reputable reputation are outstanding. We are very proud of having found and purchased a property from such a developer.
  • Best property for a residential development project with more than 20 amenities. Most of the time, Gurgaon is known for its posh amenities. However, with regard to housing developments. There are only a few. However, the DLF Group has provided us with numerous amenities.
  • The finest technical professionals in the field carefully designed the apartments' sizes.
  • We could expect good returns from DLF The Arbour as other Prestige properties.
  • The locality is emerging for its proximity to the Kempegowda International Airport.
  • The overall atmosphere of the property inside and outside are alluring.
  • We can have a great lifestyle, peaceful atmosphere with comfort, fulfilment and utmost joy and happiness.


Additionally, the garden city offers all these properties in different stages like

  • Upcoming property
  • Under construction
  • Ready to move in

We should be deciding which stage and type of property would be convenient for us.

The place is the next thing. When looking to buy a house, location is the most important consideration. because we need to figure out how quickly we could get to work. The IT city has a number of public transportation options, such as

  • Cabs
  • BMTC
  • Metro
  • Autos

We could check what are the means of transport available from the property location.

The DLF The Arbour Apartments in Sector 63 East have great facilities and amenities that go far beyond what you'd find in a typical housing development.

We would remain safe and secure by investing in this property. With more than 15 amenities available, the living environment would be pleasant.

There are many reasons to join the DLF The Arbour sector 63 club

  • The development size of DLF The Arbour is about 26 acres
  • The DLF The Arbour in Gurgaon is perfectly situated among numerous scenic settings, well-known schools, universities, supermarkets, industries, lakes, and a lot of trees.
  • DLF Group lavishly provides great services, facilities and amenities in the DLF Flats In sector 63.
  • The resale value of the DLF Homes In sector 63 would be high for its excellent quality and brand value.

Property Trends

Property Trends in sector 63 Gurgaon

Over the years, Gurgaon, India's economic capital, has grown expressively. There are numerous promising neighbourhoods in Gurgaon.

Why is DLF Group Launching housing property in this Locality?

sector 63 Gurgaon , an area in east Gurgaon has been the focus of real estate builders.

Due to its proximity to the Gurgaon International Airport, affordability, development, and infrastructure, this area is the best choice.

Perfect Residential Development by DLF Group in sector 63

The 35-year-old real estate company DLF Group is a well-known developer in the sector. The DLF Group is involved in mixed projects like villas and apartments.

There are many different sizes of apartments available in the DLF The Arbour property to meet the needs of everyone.

  • Investors will find it simple and straightforward to sell.
  • We could build simple houses and rent them out if they weren't sold.
  • All the basic facilities are available right from work to entertainment
  • Ample space for kid’s to play
  • Stringent security features are provided to lead a safe and peaceful life.
  • The richness of the whole property leads to a great lifestyle
  • Commuting from the property is easy due to the good connectivity
  • Investors could expect good returns
  • The returns like rental and resale value are high
  • Affordable and high-class quality

DLF The Arbour sector 63 East is a fantastic newcomer to the sector 63 area. This is a great deal for those looking for apartments for their own use or as an investment. The project's design includes more than 15 luxurious amenities at reasonable prices. Therefore, we could anticipate good profits or returns from the property.

Numerous new-age buyers and investors have pursued their dream space due to its affordability and rise in market value.


Gurgaon is one of the famous places in the country. Gurgaon is preferred for various reasons like

  • Education
  • Professional
  • Business
  • Healthcare

Because all these sectors are well established in the city. The second-largest fast-growing city in the country is majorly divided into

  • east Gurgaon
  • South Gurgaon
  • East Gurgaon
  • West Gurgaon

Importance of Connectivity in Residential Real Estate:

This is the main factor that decides the property. Out of the two important aspects of the property locality like

About DLF Group

The company is Gurgaon's only real estate developer to have won the prestigious FIABCI Award for its residential facilities and software. In addition, they have awarded the Crisil DA1 Developer Rating in recognition of the high quality of their projects and their capacity to deliver them on time. This distinction has only been granted to DLF Group, a real estate developer in India. In the real estate industry, they are also ranked as the "Most Admired Brand of Asia" and have established themselves as the nation's most adored brand.


1. How Many apartments are coming in this development?

Updated Soon.

2. Where is DLF The Arbour Located?

sector 63 , Gurgaon

3. Why is this the Best Apartments in Gurgaon?

  • DLF Group is the most successful builder in south Gurgaon.
  • All the projects executed will be delivered on time.
  • The only builder can take the risk of investment during the pre-launch stage.
  • The plan and execution will be of the highest standard.
  • Return on Investment: Apartments are bought by investors during the early stages, considering very high returns.

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